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I absolutely LOVE helping people with fashion emergencies. There is something so incredibly fulfilling about helping someone feel more confident, more assured and more beautiful in their clothes.

So ask me your fashion blunders. Simply email me your question, and I'll post responses on my blog (or just email you back)!
Questions like...
     - What shirt should I wear with this skirt?
     - What is a low cost version of *insert fabulous celeb here* outfit?
     - Where are good places to find clothing and jewelry online?
     - I have $50 to spend and I want to maximize my outfits, what should I buy?

And if you give me permission, I might post pictures of your outfit on my blog - otherwise, who asked the question... Will be our little secret.

Contingencies: I cannot find pants that will make your thigh gap appear, a shirt that makes your arms look like you can curl a small child in one hand or a necklace that will get you a boyfriend. I'm not a wizard, just a lover of fashion.

After all, fASHionately Me is all about helping you be Fashionately You. 
(ahhh you finally get the name of my blog)

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