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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just Spin it Out

Lately I've been on a real workout kick, but when I continuously do the same routine I become easily bored - next thing I know in stead of working out I'm sitting on the couch eating embarassing amounts of Pretzel M&Ms. So, I was really excited when I was invited to try a class at Watts Indoor Cycling in downtown Indianapolis.

The class I went to was taught by Paige, the studio owner, and let me tell you all the reasons why you should go to one of her classes! 

1. The lights change colors throughout the class. Not only does it keep you entertained, but the lighting prevents you from competing with the person next to you. I mean, I don't want to embarrass everyone because I obviously win every time.

2. There is no wall of mirrors. The last thing I want to see when I'm working out is my sweaty, tired face looking back at me. Ewe, no thank you.

3. There are different instructors but I really loved Paige's class. She pushes you in a way that makes you want to try harder, but she also doesn't yell "MY GREAT-GRANDMA PEDALS FASTER THAN YOU" in your face.

4. I felt so comfortable. It had been a LONG time since I had gone to a spin class, but Paige and everyone taking the class was so kind and helpful. I could ask questions about adjusting the bike without everyone looking at me like I'm the new girl idiot.

5. Right now, there is a summer special going on and classes are only $10!

6. The music and cycling routines were fun and enjoyable! I was excited to see what the next song entailed as each song brought on new moves and new challenges.

So whether you're looking for a new fitness routine, or need a break from your current one - if you're in Indianapolis I highly recommend trying Watts Indoor Cycling. You, your thighs, and your butt will thank me for it!

How cool is this lighting? #NoFilter

I was so good I took over teaching. Just kidding, she let me sit in her chair. 

I'm obsessed with my new workout tops. Forever 21 ladies. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Indy Style Segment

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Indy Style to showcase some must have products for summer. This was my first "live TV" appearance. Unless you count the time the sewer blew up under my car, which I don't, so let's move on… Naturally, I walked into the studio pretty nervous. As I'm talking to a producer, I look up to see my mom sitting in one of the host's chairs pretending to be interviewed. I literally stood in pure shock for a solid 30 seconds. You can always count on my mom to liven up any moment!

Take a peak below for outfit details, the 411 on my new fav jewelry boutique and see how you can win some amazing hair care products. 

Jacket: Forever 21. Shirt: Nicki Minaj. Skirt: Forever 21(similar).
With or without the jacket? Do you have a preference?

Necklace: ShinyMix
This is my first attempt with the color block trend. It's a little outside my comfort zone, but now that I stepped out I don't plan to go back!

Shoes: Charlotte Russe (similar)
I LOVE THESE SHOES. I get it, they're a little "in your face" so they aren't for everyone. I literally just bought them, but I can't find them online so you might be able to find them in a store near you!

Neckalace: ShinyMix (similar) 
Let me just say ShinyMix jewelry is amazing!! It it my new "go to shop" for jewelry. This piece I'm wearing is sold out, but don't fret they have countless beautiful options!

Hair Care Line: Design Essentials
 Do you want shiny, healthy hair? Visit my Instagram to and you could win some of these fabulous haircare products all for yourself! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who is James Scott?

Looking for Mr. Right is brutal. You're looking for the guy that fits you just right, loves your flaws and makes you feel complete, all while *hopefully* being attracted to him. I compare finding Mr. Right to finding the perfect stylish tee. No, I'm not being dramatic. Finding a t-shirt that perfectly fits, hides your flaws and is still cute is truly a battle. (Love is a battlefield after all) 

Well, I'm here to tell you that I've found one for you (a tee, not a man, sorry). Meet James Scott Apparel, an apparel company based out of Indianapolis that strives on designing apparel that reflects you and your individual style. I've recently had the pleasure of connecting with the minds behind this brand, and let me tell you they're just as genuine as their t-shirts are amazing. 

When you style a tee, think outside the box. Don't just pair it with your yoga pants or jean shorts. Pair a stylish tee with dressy shorts, tucked in a skirt, or even over a dress. When it comes to fashion, remember it's all about breaking the "rules" and finding your unique style. 

If you can't find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, at least treat yourself to the t-shirt you'll never take off. For the month of May, you can use the promo code FASHME to receive 20% off your total purchase! You're welcome, friends - you're welcome. If you sign up for their emails and *like* them on Facebook, you'll be in the know for even more discounts and news. 

Note: Please do not email me asking me to find your perfect mate. I'm not THAT kind of blogger. 

Shirt: James Scott Apparel   Shorts: Target (similar).   Jean Jacket: Target 
Tip: The jean jacket runs a little big, so buy one size smaller. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Perfect Tan

Happy Spring! If you're enjoying the oh so sunny mid-west weather like me *sarcasm*, it certainly doesn't feel like summer is right around the corner. Since Spring is lost, Baylor ruined our March Madness brackets (or maybe just mine) I want to give you the BEST Friday gift.

People often ask for my secret to staying tan during the colder months and my secret is California Tan Sunless. Some may say that because I work for California Tan I'm bias and it's a conflict of interest, but I look at it more as a security for your tan - think of me as your sunless tanning expert. So here is my "expert" opinion on your must have sunless products! Side note: Go to my Instagram page @fASHionatelyMe and enter for your chance to win EVERY product below. Hi, you're welcome. Oh! If you don't win this time, stay tuned because you'll have another chance to win next week!

Here are the treasures you could win... 
Color Perfecting Complex™ Instant Sunless Spray
This will be your new favorite "tan in a can". This spray uses a patent-pending color matching technology called Color Perfecting Complex (or CPC for short) to help you develop a more natural glow. CPC enhances your skin's natural tones as your gorgeous tan develops; for example, I have an olive based skin tone so it enhances the olive color in my skin so I look fresh off the beach.
How do you use it? Hold the can 8-10 inches from your skin and spray using the instant color as a guide. The 360 degree spray nozzle makes it easy to spray every inch of skin! Then 1-to-3 hours after application you can shower (obviously you'll be darker waiting the whole three hours). When you shower, the cosmetic color guide will rinse off and within 24 hours you'll have a gorgeous tan that can last you 5-to-7 days!

Color Perfecting Complex™ Gradual Sunless Lotion
Use this product daily to build gorgeous, sunless color. It has the same CPC complex so you'll build a gorgeous, natural-looking tan. I use this product EVERY morning and sometimes again at night. What can I say, I love to be tan!

Color Perfecting Complex™ Sunless Detail Pen
This pen is perfect for self contouring and detailing. Whether you want to enhance your hip bones or use it to contour your face, it's the perfect way to customize your spray tan. Use the detail pen to draw contour lines prior to using the CPC Instant Sunless Spray. Tip: Draw contour lines on your face as you would with your makeup then spray the CPC Instant Sunless Spray. This will leave you with subtle contour lines so you only have to use makeup to enhance and blend. I promise this will cut a good 10 minutes (or more if you're contouring obsessed) off your makeup routine.

After Sunless Powder
THIS POWDER IS AMAZING. After you've finished applying your "tan in a can" apply some powder on a towel and pat it all over your skin. This powder helps to absorb the sticky feeling and mal odor often associated with sunless tanning. Side note: This powder is perfect to use when you have to rush from the gym to dinner as it will help absorb sweat and fight your stank. I also love using it as a dry shampoo/teasing powder. Basically, keep this powder with you at all times!

Sunkissed Bronzing Powder
This dual dimension facial bronzer will give you instant color with a sun kissed glow. Plus, there is a brush in the bottom of the compact so you can apply on-the-go!

Head to my Instagram to learn how you AND a friend could win this bundle of joy! Or, visit your local tanning salon to purchase.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giving Back - Reps for Remission

I'm pausing the fashion selfies, to focus on something much more important. Have you ever read a story about a perfect stranger that tugs on your heart strings? That's exactly what happened when I read the story of Gavin. Gavin is a one and a half year old boy who is fighting Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. When we become adults we have to learn to be brave, brave for our family, brave for friends and brave for ourself. Can you imagine learning to be brave before you even know the meaning of the word? Brave is sweet Gavin taking medication, injections and chemo, but still letting his smile shine bright in every photo I've seen. I'm roughly 23ish and needles still make me queasy!

My uncle Justin and aunt Courtney heard about sweet Gavin and knew that helping this little warrior was their calling. Over the past year Justin has put a lot of energy and training into power lifting, so it is a perfect way to raise money for Gavin and his family. PS Read Justin's story, it's amazing to see people do what they love and give God the glory.

This weekend is the North American Championships by RAW United, a meet put on by Strong Life Ministries. One way you can help Gavin is by praying for him and his family. It's times like this where people of faith need to come together and pray for healing. You can also donate to my uncle's Charity "Reps 4 Remission". Every single penny you donate goes straight to Gavin's family. Finally, you can purchase some totally fabulous shirts and bracelets to show your support for Gavin. This family's world may have been rocked, but let's be a shoulder they can lean on.


Some of the most beautiful moments are when strangers help strangers. 
It is a sweet reminder of all the good in the world!

Read Gavin's story in detail, and make a donation by visiting

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Customization, one click away!

Have you ever fallen in love with a dress to find that it's the wrong fit for your frame? It's such a disappointing feeling! Time and time again, I've fallen in love with a dress to discover it's at the awkward length where I'm not sure if it's a cocktail dress or maxi dress. When your 5'4, wearing a dress the right length is crucial to keep me from looking like Snow White's eighth dwarf. (I'm totally not being dramatic) If you've ever fallen in love with an outfit only to be disappointed by it's inability to form your gorgeous figure, I'm about to introduce you to a life changing boutique called eShakti.

eShakti is a unique online boutique that allows you to CUSTOMIZE what you buy. For example, this fabulous dress was designed by eShakti, but I customized it by changing the length, adding cap sleeves, and adding pockets. I added pockets people, that alone is life changing.

What's even better than a boutique that allows you to customize your clothes? How about a 10% off promo code. Now through October 20th, you can save 10% off your purchase when you check out by entering the promo code fashionatelyme! So go ahead, find that perfect LBD or whatever it is your heart desires. 

Side note: if you find a website where I can customize a boyfriend, we can call it even. :) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Finding Serenity

Life is busy. The busier life gets, the more we neglect ourselves and our friends. One of my favorite ways to recharge is spending quality time with my closest girlfriends, and what a better place to recharge than the new Beauty Bar at Geist. This is the first salon in Indianapolis to have a liquor license, which means your next pedi can include a glass (or 2 or 3 or whatever) of wine. Oh, and apparently bars serve drinks other than wine - I wouldn't know. :)

The atmosphere in this salon is so relaxing. Not only do you see a gorgeous view of Geist, but the interior decorating in this salon makes you feel like you're walking through the perfect Pinterest board. They have a full range of beauty services, so no matter what your beauty desire - they can fill it! Fun fact: they're an Aveda salon which means you don't JUST get your hair washed you get a whole beauty treatment with each hair service!

The Beauty Bar is perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or just your regular hair/mani session. I literally can't wait to go back. It's a serenity that you crave! Thank you for the amazing pedi, Beauty Bar! You have a new customer for life.