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Monday, February 17, 2014

Pantone Spring 2014 Colors: Hemlock

I love when Pantone reveals their Color of the Year. *Gasp* You don't know what that is? Let me help... Each year Pantone choses one color to be the Color of the Year, you'll see it trending throughout the year - everywhere from fashion runways to the big screen. Last year's color was Emerald. Think: Oz the Great and Powerful (all about the Emerald City), it was the third most popular bridesmaid dress color (according to and it was seen on nearly every red carpet. In addition to the Color of the Year (Yes, that's definitely a term that deserves capitalization out of pure respect!) Pantone releases a seasonal color pallet previewing the colors that will be popular. I am absolutely LOVING the Spring 2014 colors. So, over the course of the next month(ish), I'm going to help you prepare for spring by finding some fashionable ways to wear Pantone's 2014 Spring Colors. Let's start with one of my favorites, Hemlock.

I had to have this adorable Hemlock Kimono from Hazel and Olive. Sad day for you, they're sold out BUT I found an adorable replacement. As always, you're welcome. PS Don't forget they have FREE shipping.

Tip: Sheer jackets or sweaters double as cute swimsuit cover ups! Remember summer?

 I chose a soft color pallet for this outfit to play up the femininity of the kimono. 
Isn't that word fun to say? Kimono. Kimono. Kimono. 

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