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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I got my tattoo...

I did it!  I got a tattoo.  Uh oh Papaw... Are you reading this? Before everyone depicts why I got the word "fairytale" put permanently on my body, let me explain. And can I just say, for a girl who doesn't do well with commitment, I'm handling this permanent change pretty well. :)

Faith - I think/hope everyone who knows me knows I am a Christian.  I love God with all that I am.  He is the reason I live the way I do.  I'm not perfect, obviously, but I pursue God and I believe that is what He has called us to do.  I live by Faith: trusting that with all I do God has a plan and purpose. Especially right now in my life, understanding and trusting God as I pursue His plans and desire for me as a single woman.

Family - My family means EVERYTHING to me, from my brothers to my parents to my grandparents (Sorry Dad, but I got this for you).  It's a good reminder for me that no matter what life brings at me, my family is always here for me, loves me unconditionally and has helped me grow into the person that I am. I want everyone who sees my tattoo to know that after God (aka Faith), my family is the most important thing to me.  I don't think words could ever accurately describe the vast amount of love I have for my family.

Fairytale - I know what you're thinking, I just like Disney right? Wrong, so incredibly wrong.  Let me just get this out there... I am a VIRGIN! *gasp* I know, a 25 year old virgin - we do exists!  Fairytale stands for my commitment to myself, God and my future mate to wait for him (however long he may take to get here).  My choice to save myself for marriage isn't just because I am Christian, it's because it's my way to show my future husband that I loved him BEFORE I met him.  I loved him enough to save myself for only him, and for me, he was worth the wait.  It is also a good reminder that someday, I'm sure it will come, temptation will be staring at me right in the face... all 6 feet, tan skin, captivating eyes... oops awkward back to the point... and my tattoo is a good reminder of my decision to marry as a virgin.  What happens after I get married? It still stands for the love I have for my spouse, that it is eternal and that with HARD WORK and dedication we can have our " fairytale happy ending".  After all, Areil had to kill a wicked sea witch, Jasmine had to defeat an evil magician (what is Jafar really?), and Snow White had to overcome her evil Step Mother.  So don't get me wrong, I'm not naive I know I will have many "wicked sea witches" to fight in my marriage, but the key to that is to never stop and never give up.  Marriage/love isn't easy, but it's worth the fight!

Bow - I'm the ultimate girly girl, I love all things pink, glittery and feminine.  They make me happy!  So while the bow was my feminine touch to the tattoo, it's a good reminder for me to always be happy and focus on the positives in life!

So that's it. This is why I got my tattoo.  Agree or disagree, I am proud of who I am and for what I stand. 


  1. Meaningful. Aesthetic. Thought-out.
    Personal. Committed. Unique.

    Well done.

  2. aww ash! i miss you. you're an incredible inspiration :)

  3. Awe thank you Tami!!! :) miss you!