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Monday, November 18, 2013

Style by YOU

I'm always amazed when I see someone wearing a piece of clothing that I own, but styled completely different. At the end of the summer my cousin, Alexia, came to visit me from Florida. After a long, exhausting, hard, tiring day of... shopping... We showcased our beautiful new purchases and talked about how we'd style them. We were both surprised to see that somehow we'd purchased the same sweater without the other knowing. Good taste runs in the family. ;) 

When it comes to style, Alexia and I both enjoy feeling glamorous. When we go out to family dinners, we're usually "slightly" overdressed. However, she is a now a Momma of the cutest twin boys! So as you can imagine, her style needs to be glamorous but comfortable so she can chase around her little men! I on the other hand, prefer my style to read "single and ready to mingle", but I too am chasing around men. Kidding! (Kind of, but not really) 

Sweater: Forever 21 (of course!!!)

Since Alexia lives in Florida, she likes to layer to keep warm. She also chose cute western inspired boots to tie together her Boho Chic outfit. For my outfit, I went with my infamous black pants (have I convinced you yet to get a pair?!) and my awesome "gansta" style Target shoes (Lucky for you, they're now on clearance almost 50% off!!). I feel so dangerous in these! Do you love my necklace? It's from Park Lane. Stay tuned to my next couple posts where I'll showcase more of their jewelry!

The key to any outfit is to style it for YOU! Fashion is best when it reflects you.

If you want to see more of my cousins's fabulous styles, visit her blog: You can also see her incredibly cute sons aka my pseudo nephews. I literally cannot handle their cuteness!!!!

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