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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shop Like a Kid

First off, stop. I know what you're thinking and who said you can't wear camo with bows? Calm down rule follower, and break the rules a little.

Each year I get money from my grandparents for Christmas, the only rule is we have to spend it while with them. Naturally I chose to spend mine on what I love most, clothes. After an afternoon of shopping, we ended our excursion at Target (my home away from home). After browsing through the oh-so-addicting $1 section, I headed straight to the children's clothing. It was one of those moments where I know my family wanted to ask me for the 1000th time if I realize I'm not 12 anymore. Yes, I know I'm 21...23...25ish... but I can still shop like a kid!

Ladies, use my little fashion tip to save yourself some money and shop in the girls' section. I know it's crazy to believe that we could fit in the same outfit as J Biebs flavor of the month, but we can. After all, I'm not the tiniest girl but I just happen to be short so it works to my advantage. I got the shirt in this look for $14 and the shoes for $17. On average, I saved roughly $16. Um hello, second shirt... If you feel silly shopping in the kids section, keep in mind clothing manufacturers are dressing seven year olds like they're in they're 20's. So we might as well take advantage of the clothes I know you aren't letting your daughters wear!

Have I convinced you yet to give it a try? If not, maybe my next post will - I'm slowly becoming obsessed with my children's clothing.

PS - Let's get serious, this Greek donk will never see a pair of little girls' pants! This rule applies for mainly skirts, tops and shoes. :)

Necklace: Our World Boutique via

Shirt: Target Girls' Section

Shoes: Target Girls' Section

This is my beautiful cousin, you can't purchase her. 


  1. I love the little girls section to!! Cute is cute:-)

    1. I completely agree! Especially when cute is cheaper. :)