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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hazel & Olive, love one click away.

My friends and family love telling me to browse online dating sites so I can find my Price Charming. According to them, the love of my life is just a click away! While I appreciate everyone's intense desire to see me walk down the aisle, I'm just a little busy right now. I'm busy browsing for the perfect online boutique! This, I believe, is definitely just a few clicks away. After all, I can't get a man if I'm not fabulously dressed, right? Right! While looking for the perfect online boutique, I’ve learned some tips to help you before making your next online purchase. I’m still clueless on what to look for in man (apparently I shouldn't get wrapped up in his adorable loafers or mesmerizing smile), but I think I've mastered figuring out if an online retailer is one you can trust. 

So here are my tips for finding the perfect online boutique: 

#1. Shipping is a silent killer! Many boutiques showcase their great pricing or their Fabulous Friday 50% off sale (I just made that up, pretty cute right?), so you fall in love with your items to find that $15 sweater is shipping straight to your door for $14.95. Umm... No. Not happening. 

#2. Just because you buy it from a boutique doesn’t mean it’s unique. There are so many boutiques that carry the exact same clothes, so make sure your boutique has rare items (understanding there are bound to be overlaps). 

#3. Take my advice! I’ve rated boutiques in the past, and I will continue to do so. My advice for you now is to shop

Say hello to Hazel & Olive and FREE SHIPPING! My next three fashion posts will be about this store, you're going to fall in love just like I did. Tip: their clothing fits pretty true to size, however, if you're in-between sizes order up. 

Top: Hazel and Olive

This top is only $25 and the GORGEOUS necklace is a part of the top. 

I paired this top with skinny jeans and heels. Peplum tops are great ways to accent your waist. They're incredibly feminine and chic. I wasn't sure I'd like one on me, and now I'm obsessed. It's the perfect top to wear if you're going out on Friday night... Apparently it's some national holiday people celebrate??

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