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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Our World Boutique, a girl's best friend!

Life is expensive. You have to buy amazing shoes, purses in different colors, skinny jeans, maxi dresses and the list goes on. Then if you have money left over you buy luxury items like groceries and gas. Ugh. This is why I love stores that offer amazingly cute clothes at prices that allow me to, at least, purchase protein bars. So ladies, let me introduce you to Our World Boutique... Cute clothes at affordable prices. A girl's best friend!

This shirt is from Our World Boutique and currently on clearance for only $12.99! I wanted to show you it both casual and dressy. It would also look adorable with simply a pair of shorts. It's a staple shirt for spring and summer! Also, head over to Our World Boutique now and you can get 30% off jewelry with promo code SPRINGSPARKLE

Shirt: Our World Boutique, Bracelet: Our World Boutique

Um... This is my awkward pose. This is how NOT to take a picture.

When it rains 24/7 in Indiana, I am forced to take photos inside my home. 

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