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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweet and Sassy

Living in Small Town, USA if you have the fashion gene, it can be a little rough! The first time I wore furry boots to high school I was nicknamed Napolean Dynomite - while I was (still am) a huge fan of the movie, it isn't something a teenage girl wants to be called by the hottest guy in school.  Yes I still remember... Moving on.  So my blog is all about making high fashion trends, wearable in our corn fielded dream land.  

Todays Trend: Lace 
Lace looks so sweet, yet ads a bit of sass!  While we can't rock Kimmy K's look, you don't want to walk into your local cafe and let your boyfriend's mom see your - uuuuummmmm Dirty Bits?! - We can still wear this style!

So let's try this the classy way! 

1. Peek-a-Boo Lace (Journeys 4 Sets for just under $14) 
   These are my new loves.  Also can be worn with a heel for some added sass! 

2. Touch of Lace
    Put on your shades colored lips and lace headband then run your Saturday errands in style!

3. Bold Lace
   - Lace Cardigan: Belt it, and if it's cold wear a scarf because this definitely isn't going to    
      keep you warm!
   - Lace Tank: Great for work or school. Adds just a touch of flair!
   - Lace Cuts: Sometimes it's on the back, the sleeves or in patches. It's best if you wear a  
      bright color or white underneath to highlight the lace.

So that's it, my simple tips for loving lace this fall.

Remember: Make it your own and be confident. You make your style.

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