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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Shorts

Recently, I discovered that I absolutely LOVE wearing shorts in the winter. I remember the exact moment that I first fell in love with winter shorts. It is a beautiful story of perseverance and pursuit. Yes, friends, I'm still talking about shorts. To help you write your magical, Once Upon a Time, story here is my advice when wearing shorts in the winter... One - Wear tights! Tights help your legs appear slimmer, hide "imperfections" and prevent you from looking like a "hoochie mama". Two - Find a pair of shorts that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. When you're trying them on, walk around the fitting room to see how they feel as you move. I mean, what is more embarrassing: walking around a fitting room or picking your wedgies all night? Exactly! Three - Don't over think your shoes! I love boots with shorts, but I also wore my Cheetah Sperries for this shoot and loved it. Unfortunately, I didn't so much love me in the pictures. :)

Forever 21 Boots (similar)

My ENTIRE outfit is from Forever 21, which is no surprise. The necklace, however, is a family heirloom from Greece passed down from my Yaya. So unless you're my daughter, you won't be able to get it. Sorry!

Forever 21:Shorts, Shirt (similar),

If you haven't realized, I'm wearing a faux collar aka a "dickie". Calm down Christmas Vacation fans, they are worn a little differently than when Uncle Eddy wore his infamous green one. The first time I wore it in public I received so many compliments from perfect strangers. I know that Uncle Eddy may have been wrong, but this is oh so right! 
P.S. The mixture of spikes and sequins really gives a sassy, feminine look. 
You don't have to chose one or the other!

Forever 21: Faux Collar/Dickie (similar)

Every piece (or a similar piece) I wear in my blog, I provide a link underneath the photo if you'd like to purchase. For example, if you like the shorts click where it says "shorts" under my photo and it takes you directly to the site I purchased them. You're welcome! ;)
Also, if there is a blog topic you'd like to see simply comment below! 

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