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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Color on Color

There are only a couple months during the year, especially in the midwest, when it's appropriate to wear bright colors - so it's completely acceptable to wear them from head to toe! When you're pairing colors, a few rules apply...

#1. Match the color least used. If I had on blue shorts I'd look something like a Smurf with a sunburn.

#2. Stay in the same color family. The colors don't need to "match" but they should compliment. Also, be careful of the colors you pair together. For example, you probably shouldn't wear red pants with a green shirt unless you want people to sing you Christmas carols in July.

#3. Add something classy/calm to not look like a walking traffic cone. I wore simple brown sandals that went with my belt and carried a classic, brown, woven clutch. I also tucked in my shirt because I love the classy, preppy look.

#4. Be confident! Confidence is your best accessory, if you feel beautiful (or handsome) others will think you are. If you KNOW that your bright purple pants look AWESOME with your bright orange shirt, others will believe it.

Shirt: Target (Similar, I like the blue and orange pattern)

Belt: Target (Similar), Shorts: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans (Similar), Clutch: Old (Similar)


  1. read through your entire blog!!! inspiring, i just couldn't stop and thanks for sharing...

    1. Awe thank you SO much!!! That just made my day. :) I love to hear that!