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Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello, Denim

I can't lie, the fact that I'm channeling Kelly Kapowski in this outfit makes me feel like I'm living out a childhood dream. FYI: I was always team Zach, AC needed to baaaaack it up! Anyway... One of my favorite summer trends is denim. I never imagined myself wearing denim pants and a denim shirt unless I was going to a Square Dance (which I also never imaged myself going to) but, I've proved myself wrong this summer. If you're not ready for head to toe denim, try a denim vest or shirt over a dress. Tip: wear shoes that don't exactly "match" but compliment - it adds a little fun to your outfits! So turn on a little Luke Bryan and take a look at this Bayside Inspired outfit.

Vest: Forever 21 (It's on sale!!!!), Dress: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Steve Madden (Similar and on sale!!)
I used the earrings to tie in my turquoise shoes

I couldn't resist :)

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