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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Girls Trip Fashion

This past weekend I went to Nashville, TN for a girls trip. It was an amazing weekend of country music, cowboy boots and laughing. I tried to bring home a cowboy, but when four girl's luggage is packed in one car there is no extra room. While touring the city I decided to wear a "rule breaking" outfit. 

So let's talk about a few fashion "rules" that are okay to break:

1. Wearing black and brown. Do it! Seriously, do it. 
2. It's okay to wear two different shades of one color as long as they compliment. Aka my boots and bag.
3. Mix and match themes. My denim shirt is country, my jacket is military and my pants/bag are preppy. It's okay because it's all fASHionately Me. (Did my blog name finally click for you?!)

The best part about fashion is the more you break "the rules", the better your outfit looks! 

Every girl deserves to own these pants! The brand is Daytrip and I purchased them from the Buckle. They're literally the perfect pair of paints. They don't wrinkle, they're comfortable and flattering. Not to mention I bought mine two sizes smaller than most pants. Um... Brilliant marketing tactic!

I'm obsessed with my military jacket. Naturally it's from Forever 21. I seriously love that store. 

Of course no girls weekend is complete without cheesy t-shirts. If you're super jealous and need some for your next road trip, check out my friend Erin White!

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