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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Retail Rehab Part 2

What do you do when it's 3:30 AM and you're wide awake? Blog. Duh. I apologize in advance for anything inappropriate that slips out. I naturally have no filter, but when I'm tired it's even worse. So bare with me.

I can't even begin to explain how crazy my summer has been. I honestly think this has been the busiest three months of my life. I laugh about not having a boyfriend but I barely have time to shower, let alone make time for a guy! As more and more things take my time, my one true love - shopping - gets less and less. So now, more than ever, online shopping is CRUCIAL to my existence. Um no, I'm not being dramatic. I recently started Retail Rehab in hopes of helping you find cute clothes, at trustworthy online boutiques. My first RR I rated Urban Og and the gorgeous skirt I purchased. Now you can check out the most beautiful pair of wedges from the one and only, Urban Og. What do you think of the shoes and my modern take on floral?

Wedges are the perfect way to wear heels and not hate your life. Tip: When a heel has more height under the toe, it will balance out your weight making the shoes more comfortable.

I love backless! This dress makes it easy to go from work to drinks with friends!

I like these shoes because you get the comfort of a wedge, but the classy look of a regular heel. 
Always be careful that your wedge isn't too "chunky" for your look.

I paired this dress with a pink blazer to keep my outfit happy and feminine. I didn't want the dark colors of the dress to dull it. After all, it was still summer at this time! I also matched my jewelry with my blazer to help tie the colors together and when I wasn't wearing my blazer, the pink jewelry carried on the feminine theme. 

Their report card remains the same and they're on my list of top online stores! The dress I'm wearing comes from one of my favorite boutiques in Broad Ripple, Indiana - Luck B. Don't worry, I'll grade them soon in my Retail Rehab! Until then, happy shopping!

Price Range: B+
Quality: B
Sizing: A+ (order the size you always buy)
Shipping Speed: A- (free on orders $60+)
Professionalism: A+ 
Final Grade: A-
Note: They get extra credit because they ALWAYS offer discounts. If you sign up for their emails you'll always have a discount sitting in your email inbox begging to be used.

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