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Monday, February 3, 2014

Break Fashion Rules and Fall in Love with Jane

People love to break rules. We love to speed, sneak candy into movie theaters (*cough* my family) and not turn our cell phones off when the flight attendants tell us. We like the way it feels to break the rules, living on the edge is in our nature. So why is it when it comes to fashion, people are afraid to break the rules? You CAN wear brown with black, you CAN wear shoes that don't "match" your belt and you CAN wear the same necklace to lunch as you would girls' night. So, lighten up and break a rule that won't actually hurt you! This life changing necklace (no, I'm not exaggerating) and white shirt are classic examples of pieces you can dress up or down. Where did I get them? I'm glad you asked...

Have you heard of If not, I’m about to introduce you to your new BFF! Jane is a daily deals company, which means every day Jane emails gorgeous items... up to 80% off! Still not following, let me help. You know that gorgeous shirt from an online boutique that keeps you awake at night begging and praying for it to go on sale? Jane finds that shirt, gets the retailer to discount it and emails the deal to you! has deals on everything from clothing, jewelry, house d├ęcor, monogrammed items and much more! I promise that if you give Jane a chance, you’ll want her to be your Valentine. Take a look at two of my recent finds from This GORGEOUS necklace and, literally, the perfect layering shirt. 

WARNING: Each deal on has a limited number of items available for purchase. So if you want something buy it quick! Otherwise you’ll cry when you missed the deal!

Here I pair the necklace and white shirt with casual boots and jeans. 
Tip: summer tanks are perfect pieces to layer in the winter! 

For a dressier look, I wore a blazer over the white shirt and
pulled my hair back so the necklace would be showcased! 


  1. here I come! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Yayy!! I want to know what your first purchase is! :)
      PS Thank you for always reading my blog!