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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giving Back - Reps for Remission

I'm pausing the fashion selfies, to focus on something much more important. Have you ever read a story about a perfect stranger that tugs on your heart strings? That's exactly what happened when I read the story of Gavin. Gavin is a one and a half year old boy who is fighting Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. When we become adults we have to learn to be brave, brave for our family, brave for friends and brave for ourself. Can you imagine learning to be brave before you even know the meaning of the word? Brave is sweet Gavin taking medication, injections and chemo, but still letting his smile shine bright in every photo I've seen. I'm roughly 23ish and needles still make me queasy!

My uncle Justin and aunt Courtney heard about sweet Gavin and knew that helping this little warrior was their calling. Over the past year Justin has put a lot of energy and training into power lifting, so it is a perfect way to raise money for Gavin and his family. PS Read Justin's story, it's amazing to see people do what they love and give God the glory.

This weekend is the North American Championships by RAW United, a meet put on by Strong Life Ministries. One way you can help Gavin is by praying for him and his family. It's times like this where people of faith need to come together and pray for healing. You can also donate to my uncle's Charity "Reps 4 Remission". Every single penny you donate goes straight to Gavin's family. Finally, you can purchase some totally fabulous shirts and bracelets to show your support for Gavin. This family's world may have been rocked, but let's be a shoulder they can lean on.


Some of the most beautiful moments are when strangers help strangers. 
It is a sweet reminder of all the good in the world!

Read Gavin's story in detail, and make a donation by visiting

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