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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Perfect Tan

Happy Spring! If you're enjoying the oh so sunny mid-west weather like me *sarcasm*, it certainly doesn't feel like summer is right around the corner. Since Spring is lost, Baylor ruined our March Madness brackets (or maybe just mine) I want to give you the BEST Friday gift.

People often ask for my secret to staying tan during the colder months and my secret is California Tan Sunless. Some may say that because I work for California Tan I'm bias and it's a conflict of interest, but I look at it more as a security for your tan - think of me as your sunless tanning expert. So here is my "expert" opinion on your must have sunless products! Side note: Go to my Instagram page @fASHionatelyMe and enter for your chance to win EVERY product below. Hi, you're welcome. Oh! If you don't win this time, stay tuned because you'll have another chance to win next week!

Here are the treasures you could win... 
Color Perfecting Complex™ Instant Sunless Spray
This will be your new favorite "tan in a can". This spray uses a patent-pending color matching technology called Color Perfecting Complex (or CPC for short) to help you develop a more natural glow. CPC enhances your skin's natural tones as your gorgeous tan develops; for example, I have an olive based skin tone so it enhances the olive color in my skin so I look fresh off the beach.
How do you use it? Hold the can 8-10 inches from your skin and spray using the instant color as a guide. The 360 degree spray nozzle makes it easy to spray every inch of skin! Then 1-to-3 hours after application you can shower (obviously you'll be darker waiting the whole three hours). When you shower, the cosmetic color guide will rinse off and within 24 hours you'll have a gorgeous tan that can last you 5-to-7 days!

Color Perfecting Complex™ Gradual Sunless Lotion
Use this product daily to build gorgeous, sunless color. It has the same CPC complex so you'll build a gorgeous, natural-looking tan. I use this product EVERY morning and sometimes again at night. What can I say, I love to be tan!

Color Perfecting Complex™ Sunless Detail Pen
This pen is perfect for self contouring and detailing. Whether you want to enhance your hip bones or use it to contour your face, it's the perfect way to customize your spray tan. Use the detail pen to draw contour lines prior to using the CPC Instant Sunless Spray. Tip: Draw contour lines on your face as you would with your makeup then spray the CPC Instant Sunless Spray. This will leave you with subtle contour lines so you only have to use makeup to enhance and blend. I promise this will cut a good 10 minutes (or more if you're contouring obsessed) off your makeup routine.

After Sunless Powder
THIS POWDER IS AMAZING. After you've finished applying your "tan in a can" apply some powder on a towel and pat it all over your skin. This powder helps to absorb the sticky feeling and mal odor often associated with sunless tanning. Side note: This powder is perfect to use when you have to rush from the gym to dinner as it will help absorb sweat and fight your stank. I also love using it as a dry shampoo/teasing powder. Basically, keep this powder with you at all times!

Sunkissed Bronzing Powder
This dual dimension facial bronzer will give you instant color with a sun kissed glow. Plus, there is a brush in the bottom of the compact so you can apply on-the-go!

Head to my Instagram to learn how you AND a friend could win this bundle of joy! Or, visit your local tanning salon to purchase.

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