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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Just Spin it Out

Lately I've been on a real workout kick, but when I continuously do the same routine I become easily bored - next thing I know in stead of working out I'm sitting on the couch eating embarassing amounts of Pretzel M&Ms. So, I was really excited when I was invited to try a class at Watts Indoor Cycling in downtown Indianapolis.

The class I went to was taught by Paige, the studio owner, and let me tell you all the reasons why you should go to one of her classes! 

1. The lights change colors throughout the class. Not only does it keep you entertained, but the lighting prevents you from competing with the person next to you. I mean, I don't want to embarrass everyone because I obviously win every time.

2. There is no wall of mirrors. The last thing I want to see when I'm working out is my sweaty, tired face looking back at me. Ewe, no thank you.

3. There are different instructors but I really loved Paige's class. She pushes you in a way that makes you want to try harder, but she also doesn't yell "MY GREAT-GRANDMA PEDALS FASTER THAN YOU" in your face.

4. I felt so comfortable. It had been a LONG time since I had gone to a spin class, but Paige and everyone taking the class was so kind and helpful. I could ask questions about adjusting the bike without everyone looking at me like I'm the new girl idiot.

5. Right now, there is a summer special going on and classes are only $10!

6. The music and cycling routines were fun and enjoyable! I was excited to see what the next song entailed as each song brought on new moves and new challenges.

So whether you're looking for a new fitness routine, or need a break from your current one - if you're in Indianapolis I highly recommend trying Watts Indoor Cycling. You, your thighs, and your butt will thank me for it!

How cool is this lighting? #NoFilter

I was so good I took over teaching. Just kidding, she let me sit in her chair. 

I'm obsessed with my new workout tops. Forever 21 ladies. 

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