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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is a very important day. Today is my amazing, beautiful mom's birthday. (Don't worry mom, I wont tell anyone you're 45.) So in honor of my mom's birthday, I am taking a fashion pause and dedicating this post to her. This means below there are no comments about guys who wear gym shoes with nice outfits, people who wear PJs in public or girls who think they need to perfectly match their outfit from head to toe. That being said, since I am the queen of making lists I am going to write about three of the MANY qualities I love about my Momma.

1. She is the best example of a Godly woman, wife and mother.
My mom has taught me, especially through example, how to be a Godly woman. Growing up she instilled Christian fundamentals in us kids; we never ate a meal, went to sleep or left for school without praying. I remember putting on the armor of God every morning before the bus arrived. All of these "little habits" became the foundation of my faith and now I'm better equipped to stand in my own faith. Along with being a Godly woman my mom has shown me how to be a Godly wife and mom. My mom has literally sacrificed her wants, desires and life to raise my brothers and me. I can't remember a sporting event, pageant or school program she didn't attend. Her sacrifices have taught me what it means to be a mom but I know to be a good mom I must first be a good wife. I will never forget when I was on a walk with my mom and she told me that love isn't just a feeling, it's a verb. When you marry someone you are making a life commitment and even when life is tough you still chose to love your spouse. You choose to keep fighting and even when you don't "feel" love, you still act it out. She probably will never know how much those words changed my outlook on love and marriage.

2. She makes every moment special and enjoys doing so.
I love coming home for the Holidays because our house is always full of Holiday decorations. Between holidays our house never fails to feel like a home. I loved coming home from school and seeing the "special plate" on the dinner table and wondering who was getting it tonight and why. On my last day of high school I came out to my car decorated and on the last day of my sophomore year I got into my car to see "mom" was calling on my very first cell phone. No event was too small to celebrate and every celebration let us know how much we were loved. I never doubted her love.

3. Her ability to be my friend but always remain my mom.
My mom is honestly my best friend. People have asked me how my mom and I remained so close after going through the "I don't like my mom years". My answer... I never went through that phase and I truly believe that's because my mom perfectly balanced being my friend with being my parent. I always had a fair curfew for my age and the more I honored my curfew the more she'd let me stay out past it. When it comes to my life I can tell my mom anything. She shows me grace when I need it as her daughter and an ear when I need her as a friend. When I make mistakes she helps me through them but never hesitates to tell me I am wrong or not acting in line with my character. But I never once feel like I am being judged.

Mom - Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for us. You have given up so much for me and I can never thank you enough. You are an amazing woman and I hope every day I do a better job of showing you that. You are and will forever be my best friend. Thank you for always pushing me to believe in myself. If it wasn't for you I would've never applied for my scholarship, I wouldn't have realized that I deserved more then I was settling for and I wouldn't be the woman I am today. Most of all thank you for reminding me to always keep God first and everything else will fall into place. Thank you for teaching me to love myself and that the love of a man will never fill my heart the way the love of God does. You never let me forget that God is faithful and hasn't forgotten me. Finally, thank you for not just "teaching" me how to be a Godly woman but for showing me. I love you.

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  1. You guys are the cutest thing ever! Your Mom is amazing, and it shows through the great kids she has raised!