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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Unexpectedly Perfect Together

Do you ever see a couple and wonder how on Earth they were attracted to each other? For instance, a denim wearing southern gentleman with a spicy, red lipped New Yorker. Individually you'd never think to set them up, but when they're together it all makes sense. This is similar to certain clothes in your closet that maybe you refuse to believe would go together. Heed my advice, take a RISK do not be afraid! The beautiful aspect of fashion today is that anything goes... Well almost anything. Guys, PLEASE stop wearing camo cargo shorts. Now this "city" girl in my pleather (yup, still obsessed with it) skirt is also loving my denim shirt too - we're just so happy together! Yes, that was in fact a song reference. While I usually save my denim for country concerts, I'm taking this leap of faith and wearing it to the office. Unexpectedly amazing, right? So next time you're in your closet think about what you could pair with your southern gentleman. Like my little parable? I learned how to do that from Jesus.

So without further ado, the skirt series is finallyyy coming to an end. I feel a little bit like the Twilight series and my forth blog post is coming out five years after my first. But I believe there is no better way to end my series than with three of my favorite trends: red lips, pleather and cut outs!

At first, I wasn't certain about this outfit and then I fell in love. It's fun for work
and perfect if I want to meet with friends after.
The lace on the back gives my denim shirt just a touch of femininity , it pairs unexpectedly perfect
with my pleather skirt.
Skirt: Forever 21 (similar), Shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
The pearl jewelry give the outfit an unexpected touch of class.
Sunglasses: Loft (Similar), Earrings: Old (Similar).
Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Gothic (red)
Rarely an occasion occurs that you can't wear glitter Converse shoes.
Shoes: American Eagle (similar).

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