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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Who is James Scott?

Looking for Mr. Right is brutal. You're looking for the guy that fits you just right, loves your flaws and makes you feel complete, all while *hopefully* being attracted to him. I compare finding Mr. Right to finding the perfect stylish tee. No, I'm not being dramatic. Finding a t-shirt that perfectly fits, hides your flaws and is still cute is truly a battle. (Love is a battlefield after all) 

Well, I'm here to tell you that I've found one for you (a tee, not a man, sorry). Meet James Scott Apparel, an apparel company based out of Indianapolis that strives on designing apparel that reflects you and your individual style. I've recently had the pleasure of connecting with the minds behind this brand, and let me tell you they're just as genuine as their t-shirts are amazing. 

When you style a tee, think outside the box. Don't just pair it with your yoga pants or jean shorts. Pair a stylish tee with dressy shorts, tucked in a skirt, or even over a dress. When it comes to fashion, remember it's all about breaking the "rules" and finding your unique style. 

If you can't find Mr. (or Mrs.) Right, at least treat yourself to the t-shirt you'll never take off. For the month of May, you can use the promo code FASHME to receive 20% off your total purchase! You're welcome, friends - you're welcome. If you sign up for their emails and *like* them on Facebook, you'll be in the know for even more discounts and news. 

Note: Please do not email me asking me to find your perfect mate. I'm not THAT kind of blogger. 

Shirt: James Scott Apparel   Shorts: Target (similar).   Jean Jacket: Target 
Tip: The jean jacket runs a little big, so buy one size smaller. 

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